Wayne DeWindt

Wayne DeWindt moved with his family to Salina, KS in October 2008. Before moving to Salina, Wayne lived in Hutchinson, KS where he was the outreach and involvement minister for the Eastwood church of Christ for 7 ½ years.

Wayne has been involved in ministry since 1990 serving congregations in Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Some of the ministry capacities Wayne has served for the Lord's body are: teacher, preacher, counselor, youth minister, college minister, family ministry, small group's director, hospital chaplain, foreign missions, radio ministry, seminars, and evangelistic outreach. Because of his diverse background, he is uniquely qualified to serve a wide variety of people and ministries.  He looks forward to serving the needs of the Lord's church and the local community.

Wayne graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in education.  Following the decision to become a fulltime minister he attended the Sunset Church of Christ in Lubbock, TX where he received certification diplomas from the Adventures In Missions program (A.I.M). and the Sunset International Bible Institute (S.I.B.I).  In 2009, Wayne completed his BA in Biblical Studies from the Sunset International Bible Insitute.

Wayne and his wife, Crystal, have three Children: Douglas, Daniel and Daycee. Crystal is an accomplished sign language interpreter, interpreting for the deaf in both the church and local community. She is a graduate of the Adventures in Missions program and the Sunset International Bible Institute Woman's Program. She enjoys teaching women's and children's classes.

Email Wayne at:  wayne.dewindt@salinachurchofchrist.com